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Centralise management

Expanding your source content is not the best way to keep it up to date, nor to ensure that your (internal or external) customers are using the right version. To regain control of your assets, choose to centralise.

Understand streaming

To achieve good visibility, your content is duplicated into multiple versions, streamed on social networks, and watched on smart phones, tablets or computers via the same platforms used by your partners. Guarantee the end user a quality experience every step of the way.


With the Cloud and Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, it is now possible for keywords and objects to be detected, for spoken text to be transcribed, and for voices to be recognised, as well as for faces and emotions to be recognised, in your digital content. Rely on these innovative technologies to enhance your assets and develop your services automatically.

Enhance the experience

Let your users play the main role in your productions, and communicate via interactive content. Offer them customised, immersive experiences. Boost “calls to action.” Reinvent your content.

Measure performance

Who sees your content? What percentage of your video is actually watched? Has the sound been turned on? What type of device is used? On which website is it watched? What are the most watched assets? What are the trends? To provide your audience with the right content, choose a data-driven production.

Respond to all your needs


How can I update the files I produce?

This is a key question asked by every organisation: how can we find out whether all our colleagues are using the latest content version (files, images, videos) for each product or service? The stakes are even higher in e-commerce, because guaranteeing consistency of information and visuals used by distributors is of utmost importance. With damdy Cloud Media, all your media is in one place and can be made available to the targets of your choice.

How can I share content with my distributors?

Whether or not you want to add content to your distributors’ e-commerce sites or guarantee that your partners are using the right content in their communication, with damdy, you benefit from a unified frame of reference for your assets. Power and granularity provide precise control over access rights and the type of content you want to share.

How can I organise my Brand Content?

Producing brand content often means driving a number of internal and external resources. As a result, sharing samples, charts, versions, copies, etc. also means enhancing metadata to link content to the right streaming channels and the right audiences, thus making searches easier. To orchestrate this, rely on damdy’s Cloud Media service.

How can I add to my social media campaigns?

Guaranteeing audience engagement on social networks means regularly publishing adapted content. From duplicating assets to streaming them, Cloud Media provides your social media campaigns with the right tools, and makes intelligent re-use of all your content easier.

How can I manage my image rights?

Are some of your audiovisual productions streamed internationally, while others are restricted to one continent or country? Don’t forget, you also have to manage the expiry dates of rights, etc. With damdy Cloud Media, you have precise control, both in time and in space, over the streaming of your media assets. Based on content attributes, period of time and audience location, you can stream your main media or an alternate version.

How can I improve control over my marketing content?

No reliable content marketing can be carried out without precise and informed metrics. Beyond the “views”, you have to analyse effective playing time, the most viewed content categories, and which partner sites are leading contributors. JStat Advanced Media Analytics is a thoughtful business intelligence tool that analyses your content performance. Dataviz simply makes your life easier!


How can I generate leads with my videos?

“Calls to action” are integrated directly with a video, or are programmed to appear according to user actions. Even better, dynamic “calls to action” contain elements that vary according to user context, language and environment. With damdy Experience, you can generate leads and increase your conversion rates.

How can I make my content secure and segment streaming?

Not all your content is appropriate for all your audiences. Some is for internal communication, while some is for your partners. Yet another kind might be for certain segments of prospective customers. This is why it is important to make streaming safe. For this purpose, damdy solutions offers a wide range of security devices (such as a connection to existing directories, IP filtering, exchange tokens, encryption, etc.). Why not face your most demanding security needs?

How can I enhance my video metadata?

Adding content to metadata to guarantee their correct use in the long term is tedious, but essential. Damdy proposes the mass-implementation of this task with Intelligent Lib. Use the power of cloud artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies to recognise keywords, objects, actors, emotions, etc. automatically, and enhance your content automatically as well.

How can I provide an optimal user experience?

No matter how high-quality your content, you will be the only one to know it if your colleagues cannot benefit from it under optimal conditions. By using our eCDN solution (enterprise-CDN) Media Repeater, you can guarantee a quality user experience and at the same time protect your networks, while limiting the risk of overloading internet access.

How can I produce e-learning content?

There is no point in spending time and money on specific developments to produce interactive videos. Increase the options by offering a variety of scenarios according to the internet user’s choices, or their score on a test. Using damdy Experience, you can mass-implement the production process and offer your audience interactive and customised experiences.

How can I monitor the actual audience of my videos?

Counting up the number of views is not enough to analyse the real audience of your videos. What is the completion rate of one or several videos? Are they viewed entirely with the sound turned on? At what point does your audience leave? What are the most visited segments of an interactive video? Was the entire sequence of videos in a training campaign watched? With JStat Advanced Media Analytics, get a detailed analysis of your audiovisual content.


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